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Release of Medical Information

Release of Medical Information

To obtain a Release of Medical Information, the patient must sign and date an authorization and provide a picture ID.

Copies of medical information are generally provided within 24 hours following the receipt of a valid authorization. WellStar West Georgia Medical Center charges a nominal copying fee based on the type of reports provided and the number of pages copied.

For more information regarding the release of medical information, please contact the Medical Information Department at (706) 845-3715.

Following delivery, parents will complete a birth certificate worksheet providing the name of the infant and other information requested by the Georgia Department of Vital Statistics. It is important that parents make sure that this information is accurate before returning it to the hospital staff as this information will be recorded on the birth certificate.

Birth Certificates

The birth certificate is available within 6-8 weeks and may be picked up at the Troup County Department of Health, 900 Dallis St., LaGrange, GA 30240. The Health Department charges a fee for a copy of the birth certificate. For more information about obtaining a birth certificate, contact the Troup County Health Department at (706) 845-4085.

For other information about birth certificates, call the WGMC Medical Information Department at (706) 845-3715. Unless a parent specifies otherwise, WGMC submits a request for the newborn’s social security number at the time the birth certificate information is submitted to the Georgia Department of Vital Statistics.

Social Security Card for Newborns

Parents will receive the baby’s social security card in about three months. If parents prefer, they may personally submit a request for the social security card by contacting the Social Security Administration after obtaining a copy of the baby’s birth certificate.

For more information, contact the Medical Information Department at (706) 845-3715.