Nutrition Resources Frequently Asked Questions

Complete Pre-Op Requirements

Complete Pre-Op Requirements

The insurance coordinator at your surgeon’s office will collect and review your insurance benefits and surgery requirements. Once you are cleared as an appropriate surgical candidate, you are scheduled for routine and individualized pre-operative appointments as needed.

Routine pre-surgical consultations are scheduled and may include psychological evaluation, pre-op nutrition instruction, EKG, anesthesia work up and routine blood work. Your individualized appointment is made based on need such as for sleep study or specialty clearance.

Your pre-op surgical consultation, which occurs 10 to 14 days prior to surgery, will include a review of pre-op evaluations, a review of risks and benefits, a surgical prep, a hospital stay, post-op management of co-morbidities and medications, an assessment of your understanding of nutrition instructions, and a review of your written consent, along with an opportunity for you to ask any further questions.

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