Visitation Hours and Policies

Planning for Your Stay

Planning for Your Stay

What to Bring

When you arrive at the hospital, you should bring:

  • Your insurance card.
  • Your photo ID.
  • The name and phone number of your baby’s pediatrician.

Other optional items to bring that may make your stay more comfortable include:

  • Extra pillows.
  • A robe.
  • Comfortable nightgown or pajamas.
  • Socks or slippers.
  • CD or casette player with music.
  • Magazines or books.
  • Clothing for your baby.
  • Loose clothing for you to wear home from the hospital.

Discharge Instructions

Once your physician and pediatrician give permission for you to be discharged, you will be escorted by wheelchair to the hospital lobby and a cart will be provided for your belongings. Please make arrangements for transportation prior to discharge. As you prepare to go home, your nurse will discuss with you instructions regarding the safety and care of you and your baby.

For your baby to be discharged you must have a car seat designed for your child’s weight and height. The single most important thing a parent can do to ensure baby’s safety is to secure him or her in a federally-approved child safety seat, each and every time he or she is placed in a car.

For more information on where to have the car seat properly installed in your vehicle, call District 4 Public Health at (706) 845-4085.

When You are Discharged before Your Newborn

We are happy to provide you a room at no cost to allow you to be near your newborn. During your stay, you will have access to fresh linen and  food services for mothers, and the telephone in your room will allow you to make local calls. As a discharged patient, we will no longer be able to supply personal items and medications. In the event our patient census increases, we may have to relocate you to another vacant room within our hospital.

Birth Certificates

Birth certificates must be completed before discharge from the hospital. A representative from Medical Records will contact you for birth certificate information. If you are not married and wish to place the father on the birth certificate, both parents must be present and identification is needed, either a license, ID, work ID, school ID, jail ID or notarized ID. It must be done prior to discharge.

Birth certificates will be ready in three to four weeks to pick up at the Troup County Health Department. There is $10 charge associated. Social Security cards will be applied for and will take six to 12 weeks to receive in the mail. A confirmation of birth will be given to you in the hospital or mailed to you by Medical Records.

For questions or to speak with a Birth Records clerk, call (706) 845-3118 or call (706) 882-1411.