Women's Imaging

64-Slice CT

More Detailed Scans in Less Time

The 64-Slice Computerized Tomography (CT) scanner provides a three-dimensional image of a patient's internal organs. CT scanners use X-rays and computers to create detailed pictures of the insides of the body. A "slice" refers to one horizontal section of tissue. The more slices an image has, the more opportunity there is for the radiologist to determine an abnormality.

The images are reconstructed and displayed on a computer monitor, producing detailed images of bone, soft tissue, blood vessels and organs, allowing doctors to detect some conditions regular X-rays can't. Having more detail, consistency and speed than standard CT scanners in use today makes the 64-slice CT useful in examining dynamic organs, like the heart and its vessels. Scans also can be used to diagnose lung and chest problems, and detecting cancers.

Image Gently® — Pediatric Radiation Protection for Children

WellStar West Georgia Medical Center makes the safety of its patients top priority, with special attention given to children undergoing pediatric imaging. To that effect, the Imaging Department has pledged, as part of the national Image Gently campaign, to provide children with the lowest amount of radiation required for a proper CT scan and to minimize the amount of tissue affected by the radiation.

Children inherently are more sensitive to radiation, and the amount used in a CT scan can affect them greatly. Our Imaging Department has pledged to uphold the Image Gently campaign, agreeing that a single CT scan (one phase) often is enough for children, that the amounts of radiation used should be tailored to the size of a child and only the affected area should be scanned.

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