Roadway to Health Heart Clinic FAQ

Vascular Ultrasound

Mapping the Paths to the Heart

To get to the bottom of heart problems, the West Georgia Heart Clinic at WellStar West Georgia Medical Center offers diagnostic vascular ultrasounds to examine circulation within the body. Ultrasound can be used painlessly to evaulate any artery within the body, providing heart doctors a simple, non-invasive method of producing a picture of a heart system.

Procedures offered at WellStar WGMC include:

  • Brachial Index (ABI) - used to predict the severity of peripheral artery disease. The test is done by measuring the BP at the arm and ankle.
  • Pulse Volume Recorder (PVR) - blood pressure cuffs are used to obtain information about arterial blood flow in the arms and legs.
  • Arterial Duplex Studies: Upper and Lower Extremities - test performed to assess any narrowing of or blockages (plaque) in the arteries in the arms and legs that supply blood to the heart.
  • Venous Duplex Studies - test that cheeks how well the veins are returning blood to the heart.
  • Carotid Duplex Studies - test used to assess the blockage in vessels of the neck feeding the brain.
  • Vein Mapping - "maps" which vessels may be used as grafts for heart surgery or fistulas for dialysis.
  • Vascular Magnetic Resonance Angiogram (MRA) - a type of MRI that looks specifically at the body’s blood vessels. May require a special dye, known as contrast, to be added to your bloodstream to make your blood vessels easier to see.
  • Diagnostic Peripheral Angiograms - test that uses X-rays to find narrowed or blocked areas in one or more of the arteries that supply blood to your legs.

For more information, call the Heart Clinic at (706) 845-3274.