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Cardiac Disease Treatment Options

At the West Georgia Heart Clinic at WellStar West Georgia Medical Center, we believe in setting up a program of treatment that’s tailored to your specific conditions. This may involve lifestyle changes, drug therapy, surgical procedures or any combination as determined by your cardiac specialist.

Lifestyle Changes

The first step to a good heart is making changes to improve your overall health. By changing your habits, you can change your life.

  • Reduce Stress – Take 30 minutes each day to listen to relaxing music, enjoy an outdoor stroll or try yoga or meditation. There are many yoga and meditation DVDs available to use at home.
  • Eat Healthy – Add more fruits and vegetables and reduce fatty and “junk” foods.
  • Stop Smoking – Discuss the different options available with your physician. Team up with a smoker friend and promise yourself a reward for success.
  • Monitor Your Blood Pressure — Have it checked at least annually, more frequently if your physician recommends it.
  • Keep Your Diabetes Under Control — Diabetics are more likely to have cardiac disease. Be vigilant about your diet and medications.
  • Lose Weight – Waist measurements of over 40 inches for men and 35 inches for women lead to a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Drug Therapies

In some cases, using prescription and over-the-counter drugs can support your heart when necessary.

  • Aspirin — works as a blood thinner and may reduce clotting.
  • Cholesterol Lowering Drugs — help prevent arterial deposit build-up.
  • Beta Blockers — slow heart rate and decrease blood pressure.
  • Nitroglycerin — opens up coronary arteries and controls chest pain.
  • ACE Inhibitors — reduce blood pressure and may prevent future heart attacks.
  • Calcium Channel Blockers — relax the muscles surrounding coronary arteries.

Interventional Procedures

The Heart Clinic has the ability to perform several interventional cardiovascular procedures, from opening up blocked arteries to fixing irregular heartbeats.

For more information, call the Heart Clinic at (706) 845-3274.