Cancer Registry


Cancer Center Commendations for Excellence

Commission On Cancer

With a legacy of cancer care that spans more than 75 years, Wellstar West Georgia Medical Center has been recognized for exceeding high-performance standards from the Commission on Cancer.

The Enoch Callaway Cancer Center program, which has been accredited since 1992, has earned commendations for its cancer staging, patient guidelines, cancer prevention and early detection programs, as well as cancer registry staff education, performance improvements and annual report.

Accreditation ensures that our patients will have access to comprehensive care, including a range of state-of-the-art services and equipment; a multi-specialty team approach to coordinate the best treatment options; information about ongoing clinical trials and new treatment options; access to cancer-related information, education and support; a cancer registry that collects data on types and stages of cancers; treatment results and lifelong patient follow-up, and ongoing monitoring and improvement of care.

Only about 1,500 of 5,000 hospitals where patients receive cancer care are accredited through the Commission on Cancer.

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