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Community Health Needs

Community Health Needs

So Healthy Together

At WellStar West Georgia Medical Center, we are committed to improving the health and wellness of our community through providing world-class care, as well as offering resources that promote healthy lifestyles.

As part of that commitment, we have routinely conducted Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA) over the past 25+ years to determine the health status of our community, identify and prioritize health needs, and develop a plan of action for addressing those needs.

In 2013, the Affordable Care Act began requiring not-for-profit hospitals to conduct CHNAs every three years. While we have modified the process and outcomes reporting to meet the new ACA requirements, our focus on improving the health on our community has never wavered.

We conducted our most recent CHNA in 2016, and invite you to review and download a copy of the Executive Summary, Full CHNA Report, Supplemental Data Resources, Implementation Strategies and Year One Evaluation.